Meet Christy, our Newest Coach!

Noticed that we have a new coach extraordinaire rocking assessments and classes? If you haven’t been formally introduced, her name’s Christy. If you have, you know Coach Christy is a fantastic new addition to our team. We’re thrilled to welcome her to the UFO family and to celebrate her first month here, we had her answer some of our burning questions about her journey to Urban Fitness and her plans for the future. Besides kicking your asses on the regular. And yes, we are all jealous of her perfect hamstrings.


Can you tell us a bit about where you grew up and went to school?

I am originally from Connecticut where I grew up doing gymnastics. I eventually found my way into track and field in high school and was immediately hooked. However, I was NOT the distance running type. I was all about the sprints and field events. I mainly did hurdles, high jump, and triple jump.


Later I was recruited to Clemson University in South Carolina for the heptathlon. The heptathlon consists of 7 different events, which are high jump, long jump, shot put, javelin, 100-meter hurdles, 200-meter sprint, and 800-meter run. While I did several heptathlons in high school, I actually made the switch to pole vault at Clemson because of my gymnastics background.



Just grabbing some air, no big deal. 

Just grabbing some air, no big deal. 

During my time at Clemson University I majored in Health Science with a minor in Athletic Leadership. I then made my way out to Phoenix, AZ to further my education in strength and conditioning. After a year and half in the desert I found my way to UFO!


What got you into fitness and coaching?

Being an athlete, I was always loved the training that went along with it. It wasn’t necessarily seeing the physical changes as much as it was the mental changes. Strength and conditioning is what really gave me the confidence as an athlete. I mean I’m throwing myself in the air with a stick for crying out loud! Of course it was a little crazy, but if I didn’t feel prepared with my training then I was certainly not ready to go for a jump.


Alright yeah, our new coach is a major badass. 

Alright yeah, our new coach is a major badass. 

I ended up interning with my strength and conditioning coach at Clemson. I helped out with rowing, baseball, volleyball, etc. He was the person who truly got me interested is such a fascinating field.


Can you tell us about one of your favorite memories coaching?

One of my favorite memories from coaching would be seeing one of my client’s mindset change. Yes, it was absolutely amazing to see the physical transformations she made. However, in my opinion seeing her come in with a different outlook on fitness, a positive attitude, improved sleep, being more productive, and more was a much bigger win. It’s amazing how a healthy lifestyle can have such a big impact!


What do you hope to accomplish at Urban Fitness?

I love seeing what motivates people. Everyone has a different health and fitness journey. It’s not a one solution fixes all. Finding those solutions and being able to guide and aid people through this process is a true passion of mine.



Got any cool nicknames we can call you by?

I actually got the nickname Icebox back in Phoenix. Anyone seen the Little Giants?


Welcome to the team, Christy!