Super-Mom-ing with Sarah Doherty


UF is all about creating and fostering a space where our members can train in a way that supports their lifestyle and moves them closer to better. Each client has their own story, their own fire that they bring to this pursuit, but that diversity is exactly what gives the UF approach it's power: the training means something to those who train. 

This really hits home when one of our clients shares with us that they are pregnant. All of sudden, no matter how intensely they trained in the past, these soon-to-be moms ratchet up their focus--now they're training for more than themselves. Of course, there are a few important alterations to our approach training these Super-Moms, but they are to a person some of the most fun to coach. 

I had the chance to ask one of these rockstars--Sarah Doherty a few questions recently, and it was great. Sarah has brought a such great attitude and effort from day 1 (almost 3 years ago!), and it really shows as she moves through her pregnancy with relative ease. Enjoy!

WB: So, how long have you been at UF? What do you love? What do you hate? 

SD: I'll have my three year UFO-aversary in late January. Kind of hard to believe it's been that long, AND I wouldn't have it any other way. I love the workouts, the results, the coaches, and the people. (they didn't pay me to say this) UFO has been such a fantastic, happy part of my Bay Area life. I only wish you were closer to home (in SF)!

WB: As your classmates now know, you are pregnant! Congrats! How have you had to modify your workouts as you've progressed? Has anything gone differently than you expected? 

SD: It has been *awesome* to stick with something I love, that's just for me, throughout my pregnancy. The coaches at UFO have been incredibly supportive and committed to keeping me in the game. I do modify - sometimes I just don't feel comfortable with stuff...and other things are just "no no's" once you're further along. Each trimester has brought different challenges...and I know there's more to come...but I've been getting great exercise along the way!

Sarah is really lifting up TWO training partners...get it?! get it?!

Sarah is really lifting up TWO training partners...get it?! get it?!

WB: You have really been kicking butt in class, not missing a beat even when we do modify workouts here and there. Can you offer any fitness advice for expecting moms as they go through their pregnancy? 

SD: Establish your fitness routine as best you can before you're pregnant - find something you and your body love - it has felt much easier to stick with something than start something. And whatever your relationship with your body is starting out, listen to it - in the most amazing way, it knows exactly what it needs and what it's doing. 

WB: OK--my mother will hit me for asking you this--but when are you due?! 

SD: March 7th ETA for Baby Boy Doherty! 

WB: Woooo! Thanks Sarah!

Fear not the weight!

Fear not the weight!