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It's not a workout.
It's a lifestyle.


The UFO mission is to make you the pinnacle of strength - mentally and physically. Our world-class coaches are masters at getting brain and brawn to work in concert. Our brand of empowerment training is exactly what you need to become a force to be reckoned with across the domains of your life.

And this isn’t a solo mission, either. Other UFers aren’t your competition - they are your comrades. It’s not uncommon to find the guys and gals who just flipped a massive tire together tackling the other tough stuff in life as a team, too. That’s just how we roll.

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This gym has become my home and the favorite part of my day.
— Erica K.

 two Locations (zero excuses)


Jack London Square
121 2nd Street
Oakland, CA 94607


North Oakland / Emeryville
5532 San Pablo Avenue
Oakland, CA 94608


track like the pros



Don’t settle for subjective measures like how you feel or the scale. We use the same state-of-the-art technology as the US Olympic Teams, Stanford and John Hopkins to actually show you your results. Yes, yes it is very cool.



We use leading heart rate monitor technology that shows your work capacity in real time while you work out guaranteeing you get the most effective workout possible. (psst thanks for modeling the MyZone belt Coach Christy. #reppin)



No "nutrition plans" listing raw tuna and steamed broccoli written on a scrap paper by a non qualified trainer. We are partnered with Precision Nutrition to bring you the most successful nutritional coaching program available through our certified coaches


The people, the facility, the trainers, the workouts, the equipment - it’s absolutely unbelievable.
— Justin M.

Choose from 20 Classes Daily

6:00 a.m. to 7:45 p.m.