Coach Mel's Urban Journey

A bit of background on how Urban shaped me as an athlete and as a teacher: 

About three and a half years ago I began training at Urban fitness as a sponsored athlete. Another coach had introduced me to Noah and a style of conditioning that would eventually improve my body mechanics and my performance as a competitive martial arts athlete. I learned all about the puzzling kb swing, struggled with the elusive Turkish Getup and bruised my forearms doing my first snatches. I got stronger and more mobile which translated beautifully to great results on the competition mats. In 2014, I sustained my second major knee injury during the Judo Pan American Championships in Argentina. While this ended my competitive Judo career, it opened the door for me to become a coach at Urban Fitness. At UFO I learned ways to teach others how to move well from a team of expert coaches. With rocky beginnings, I eventually learned the best ways to coach not just the movements I'd learned but also the unique approach to physical training that had such an impact on my life as an athlete. I've now enjoyed two and a half years of nonstop learning and professional growth as a coach at Urban. I've learned what certain movements were and how to teach them certainly, but more importantly, I was given a foundation on which I could build a passion for coaching; a "why" and a "how" for helping people improve their health and to be more comfortable in their own skin. I've been gifted with the opportunity to play a part in improving the habits and confidence of the people that come into this space - I celebrate that above all as I start a new journey and take the next step for me professionally as a coach. As I learn and grow, my next steps are towards more personalized coaching as I also develop a client base with some of my martial arts teammates who I know will now benefit from my expertise in the strength training realm.