Welcome, Allie!

Allie came on board as our Front Desk-ista (I believe the technical title is: Front Office Manager. Schmancy!) about a month ago, and has jumped right. An awesome team-member from Day One, Allie had big shoes to fill as Natalia went off to Ninja-academy (er, work in law-enforcement), but has really done an amazing job. 

Coach Will had a chance to chat with her last week, and see what she's all about. Enjoy!


Where are you from/grow up? 

~I grew up in Davis, CA. It's flat. It's hot. It also made me hate bikes for a while. That's pretty much it. 
Haha, why the bike hate?! What'd they ever do to you?! We might need to fight...

Hated! I like bikes now! It was kinda a mix between hating being the slowest person on a bike and also the million hardcore bikers there own the road and act like di--uhh, jerks. 

OK! Glad you got THAT off your chest. What did you study in school (and where?)?
~My BA was in English Literature at Sonoma State University. I loved it so much I got my MA in English Lit at Mills College this past year. My specific interests are in Modernist and Postmodern lit, narrative form and rhetoric & composition. 
Umm, them's a lots of big werds. I'm going to stick to what I know: What's your fitness background? 
~I was a dedicated horseback rider for most of my life, and when I couldn't seriously pursue it anymore my fitness really lapsed. In the last year or two I realized I wanted to make fitness a priority so I started taking a while bunch of fitness classes and started really getting into swimming, hiking, salsa dancing, and pushing myself to try new things (in the past few months it's been boxing and wakeboarding). When I started getting back into all this physical activity, I worked really hard--but not smart--which led to some unfortunate injuries. Now, I am trying to learn as much as I can about fitness to make sure I'm building myself up, not breaking myself down. 

 Allie pumpin' iron (and trying not to laugh).

Allie pumpin' iron (and trying not to laugh).

How are UF workouts new for you?
~UF workouts are new (and so much FUN) for me because I'm able to work on strengthening exercises while being part of a team. Working with other people really keeps me motivated to push myself farther than I usually would.
What's your favorite food?    
~It's really hard to pick only one favorite food. Indian and Japanese food would probably be my top two. And anything my Nana makes. 

 Atta boy Nichols. Always making the newbies feel right at home...

Atta boy Nichols. Always making the newbies feel right at home...

What about when your coworker-nutrition-fascists aren't watching?
~More than food, I'm actually a really in love with a good beer. Belgians, triples, quads, sours, browns, reds, saisons...the list goes on and they are all sooooooooo yummy......
Good call. Beer me. Now, I saved the best for last: If you could choose a superpower, what would it be? Why?

~My superpower would be the ability to change form--specifically, to be able to morph into animals. Because animals. ANIMALS!  

Oh, phew. Glad to hear she's as weird as all the rest of us :). Kidding!

That's it for now. And hey, UF community: be sure to say hello to Allie next time you're in!