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“Hard work is the only antidote.”

— Sham_Odd

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The Urban Fitness Community is made up of women and men from all of life’s disciplines. But these teachers, firefighters, stay-at-home moms, and C-suite executives all have something incredible in common. They all chose UFO because they want to elevate both mind and body when they cross our threshold. We sweat, we laugh, we cry and we breakthrough. We celebrate one another’s victories. We grow strong - together.

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“Best gym ever. It’s a beast of a workout and everyone is so supportive, members and trainers alike.”

— Alexander the Great

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“What really surprised me about this place is the culture… The trainers learn your name right away, and everyone is extremely friendly and encouraging.”

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this is not just a gym.

If you’re looking for your next gym, this ain’t it. Urban Fitness Oakland is your, YOU workshop. Together, we lift, pull, push, and carry until your body performs at its peak wherever you go, whatever you do.

Let’s make you the best version of yourself.